Shop Local

There are many very good reasons to shop at a local business, but none as important as community. By shopping or dining at your local shops and restaurant’s you keep your money in the community and your community can thrive. We have all been to towns that 20 years ago had a bustling downtown and it was where we all went to get groceries and cloths and a meal. But as time has passed and big box stores and strip malls have taken over its increasingly harder for those treasured small businesses to stay in business. So now when we drive by downtown to go to that big box store we look at each other and say” oh what a shame, its so sad that another store closed on main street”.

Our communities are slowly being devastated by big chain stores that come to our towns and destroy our culture and happily take every penny we have to offer. The local business may not be able to compete with the volume of stuff the big stores have but they still have the same things we purchased there before, but some how we forgot about that! After a while of losing you business the small downtown retailer goes out of business and those jobs that went along with it. This is the vicious circle of people changing their buying habits to save a small amount on one item and forgetting that the shop they used to go to downtown is owned by their kids soccer coach. Now because you haven’t gone in his shop to make your normal purchases that he has come to depend on thru the years he is closing up shop and the family is moving away.Buy Local

This is why the eSave is so important, it not only has those coveted big box stores and online retailers, but it gives those small shops and restaurants a venue to compete for your business that they can afford. So use your eSave  and lets all do our part to keep a strong and beautiful downtown full of thriving small businesses.


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